Get over yourself
Posted on 21st Jul at 7:36 PM

I just watched a “Let’s Play” video for Kim K Hollywood and I kind of don’t see why anyone would play it for longer than five minutes?

Posted on 21st Jul at 4:32 AM

Two of my ex-boyfriends went to the same Cher concert lmao losers

Posted on 21st Jul at 2:20 AM

Like you know Hoopz left Flav because he’s gross and old

Posted on 21st Jul at 2:15 AM

It’s kinda sad when Flav is having a one-on-one date with a girl and he asks her if she’s sexually attracted to him

because like

you’d think that since it’s his show / these girls auditioned to be a part of it, that he wouldn’t have to ask that question

but like,

the fact of the matter is,

Flavor Flav is really not physically attractive


At all….

Posted on 20th Jul at 11:25 PM

tbh I have a really difficult time telling the difference between Buckeey and Bootz in FOL2 like they really look a ton alike

Posted on 20th Jul at 11:22 PM, with 1 note

If I was the host of my own flavor-of-love style reality show I’d probably eliminate half of them in week one and then eliminate the other half the second week and for the rest of the 8 episodes I’d just jerk off and cry

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Fun Fact: As a little girl, Kate Bush would piss off all of her neighbors because she was singing and playing the piano so much in the shed of their back yard.

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"as it is for people who don’t like it" jfc I love her

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15 Reasons Why Things

Can you believe this? Here’s another. I know, right? This is it. And this. Oh sure, how about that? This guy hasn’t even heard of it. And that. LOL. Haven’t we all? This. This. WOOOOOOOOO! Okay, that’s almost it. This.

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